The Fluidity of Change

     I think most of us have a deep imbedded desire to fulfill our purpose in this earth.  We simply want to do that which we were created to do. Why is it that not everyone actually fulfills his or her purpose?  Why do so many people seemingly wander around in this life?  I want to address this from a biblical viewpoint since the majority of my readers are those who have made a covenant commitment to Christ through new birth.

One Will Multiple Stages

      If you look at Romans chapter 12:2 it talks about the good, acceptable and perfect will of God.  These are not three separate directions we can choose, but there are levels of growth in the one will of God. John the apostle talks about these three levels of growth as children, young men and fathers (I John 2:12-14).  Jesus uses the analogy of the growth of grain by saying the ear, the blade and full head of grain (Mk 4:28).  In the one will of God we must grow through these three different levels of growth to fulfill our full potential.

     I think many people think that the will of God is kind of static and once you have hold of it that is it. It could be the very reason many seem to wander because they are no longer pressing forwards, but seem to be stuck in the same place. One analogy that Paul uses in relating the will of God and the attitude we should have towards it is a runner in a race.  If you have ever worked out whether running, lifting weights or aerobics you hit a plateau.  When you plateau you are no longer going forward, but you actually might feel like going backwards.  It is at this time that you either press on to a breakthrough, stay where you are or you may even go backwards.  The choice is yours!

The Sacrifice of Change

     Jesus talked about new and old wineskins when it came to change. Author Richard Florida polled twenty thousand creative professionals and gave them a choice of thirty-eight factors that motivated them to do their best.  The top two were challenge and flexibility.  Let’s look at this in reference to the purpose of God.  If we want to succeed by accomplishing the will of God we have to be willing to be challenged and remain flexible.

     The wineskins Jesus talked about were made out of freshly killed goats or lambs and the whole animal was actually used.  The reason you had to use freshly killed animals was so that the skin could stretch out when the juice started going through the process of fermentation.  If you have ever gone through a time of change then you know that you were both challenged and stretched beyond what you had known before.  It is actually a process of death and new life.  One thing that we can learn from this analogy that Jesus used is that new life will require sacrifice.  No one likes sacrifice, but if you want to experience the new many times there are things you have to leave behind and that will most likely require you to sacrifice something you valued in the former season.   

 Authenticity And Change

     If we want to grab hold of our purpose in each season then we have to be humble enough to know our need.  Humility is a trait I don’t think many of us understand today.  I am not talking about self-humiliation or false humility since they are just non-authentic and really nothing more than pride. True humility is both transparent and authentic because it is simply about being who you are in the hands of God.  Moses is a good example of true humility. He was obedient to leave everything behind and suffer the ridicule of that decision.  It was on the backside of the desert that Moses came to terms with himself and the burning bush was the turning point.

     Moses surrendered to the call of God and was willing to do whatever it took to get himself into the place of purpose. However, it was the burning bush, which was the commissioning and filling of that surrendered heart. In each new season of our lives we will go through this process.  If you don’t have your burning bush experience before you step into your new season then you will follow the fate of so many other fake and fallen believers.  It is the fire of God that produces holiness, transparency and authenticity, which are the traits that will keep you kneeling in humility when the winds of trials come your way.  If you don’t build on the foundation of humility then you will eventually crack under the pressure of keeping it all together in your own strength.  Humility realizes that without the grace of God then nothing stands.

Pressing Forward Into Change 

      If I have found one main reason many never reach their full potential is because they are unwilling to continue to change. If you want to accomplish something of value you have to be willing to go beyond where you have gone before. The world is full of people who have settled for the comfortable status quo of existence instead of pursuing their purpose.  If you are willing to press on to something new then it will take breaking outside of the familiar with fresh new ideas. You can settle for mediocrity or you can press beyond what is familiar to you and be willing to face the unfamiliar. It will be a challenge and will more than likely cost you, but to remain fresh in your faith, family and career you have to be willing to have your life turned upside down from time to time. 

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