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“Building Your Spiritual House” ~ Foundations Workbook

This 52-lesson workbook contains the tools you need to make disciples… it is a biblical pattern you can use for establishing others in Christ and His ministry. There are three different sections in this workbook, which build upon each other much in the same way a house is built one section at a time. This material takes the believer from understanding the foundations of our Christian faith to each member of the church entering their place of service and using their God given gifts. There are 52 lessons laid out in an outline form so you can teach directly from the workbook or study on your own as a daily devotional.



“Foundations For Life” ~ Trilogy

Running The Race To Win is a book about developing a deeper understanding of discipleship and developing a deeper relationship with Christ. It does not matter if you are a businessperson, schoolteacher, nurse, athlete, computer technician, student etc. you are called to be a disciple and to make disciples. The contemporary church has many times neglected the original command laid down by Christ Himself and for this reason discipleship seems to be a radical message. However, for the church to fulfill its mission we must once again return to this radical call. The word radical comes from the Latin word radix meaning the root of things. Radical discipleship is simply a call to return to biblical foundations. Biblical foundations are at the root of discipleship since a disciple is one who has been instructed in the foundational teachings of Christ.


Worship and the End of the Age is a book to establish the believer in a foundational understanding of worship and the battle the body of Christ will face at the end of the age. We must embrace a balanced view of the priesthood of all believers. A balanced view includes both the inward power of Christ produced through worship and an outward expression of that life demonstrated through good works. Darren presents a unique way of using the book of Revelation for understanding worship. The approach helps to establish the ‘kingdom of priests’ and prepare the church for the idols we must overcome in regards to the end of the age.




Start to Finish is a book concerning the discovery of your gifts, the development of them and the practical implementation of those gifts. It is about helping you discover the entrepreneurial spirit of discipleship. An entrepreneur is one who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of an enterprise. Each of us has been given gifts, which are to be developed, used, shared and expanded. Our lives are to have a lasting impact on our family, community or city in which we live. To be a kingdom entrepreneur is the same thing as being a committed disciple. In Matthew 25:14-30 Jesus taught this exact same principle. In this parable He taught us that we are each to be kingdom entrepreneurs taking the necessary risk in developing and expanding our influence.